The Road Less Traveled

I was talking with someone a short time ago and they asked me about having taken the road less traveled through my life. They asked me if I enjoyed being different, and was that the reason for taking the lonely road?

My answer was that, for me at least, it’s not about being different. I don’t much care about that. The truth is, the road less traveled has the better view. It’s more interesting, more compelling. And once you travel along it for a while, it becomes a lot more fulfilling, too.

It’s not the easy path. It’s not the well traveled, smooth highway that most people follow. It’s often a rough road, if it’s even a road at all. And though it may have the best view, you have to climb over a lot of obstacles along the way. And without forcing the metaphor any more than I have to, I’d say that the lack of company is exactly the thing that makes you know who you are. And where you are.

Because one thing’s for certain. When you’re traveling that road alone, there’s no way to phone home.



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